Amanda Greer

Sheriff’s Detective



Ventura County Sheriff’s detective Is often at odds with the system she serves. In childhood her and her sister were abandoned by her mother. She was in the “Good People” commune with her father. It’s possible that she was sexually abused in her childhood. She comes off as rebellious & hypocritical. She seems to be somewhat tomboyish. A rough drinker who stays late at clubs, picks up fight with bouncers and gambles a lot (has gambling debts). It is implied she has a proclivity to do something really unconventional in bed that can freak out a guy. She is suspicious of the world and males in particular that she carries knives, she tries to be like a mother figure to her sister. She believes her job is a virtuous plastering for personal downfalls like her failed marriage. And says things like, “The fundamental difference between the sexes is that one of them can kill the other with their bare hands.”